Learn How to Landscape a Small Front Yard On A Bit Of A Budget

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While we all imagine in a perfect world, a front yard glooming with Peruvian lilies and peonies, sometimes we have to begin a bit smaller and work our way up. But you don?t have to settle for mediocrity when landscaping your front yard. There are plenty of ways to create a breathtaking display, even if you?re working with a small space, and on a shoe string budget.

Here are a few affordable ways to landscape your front yard:

Perennials Are Easy on the Eyes

Most experienced Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts will tell you that perennials last a solid two years prior to taking their dirt nap, which generally means you won?t have to replace them every year ? saving you a good amount of money. Some perennials to think about planting in your front yard include the following:

  • Daisies: These hardy flowers are bright and cheerful, an ideal fit for any garden.
  • Lavender:?These purple perennials are known for their beauty and aroma.
  • Catmint:?Not to be confused with catnip, these purple-flowered plants complement a wide variety of flowers.

Add A Stepping Stone Walkway

This classic front yard landscaping idea is surprisingly affordable but does require a bit more work. You can install stepping stones in a variety of ways, including digging holes and filling with cement or purchasing stones separately from a landscaping supply store. These generally run in the neighborhood of $15 to $35 per stone. Furthermore, the cut and quality determine the total cost.

Replace Your Lawn With Rocks and Pebbles

Another rocky idea for your front yard is to replace your complete front lawn with a variety of pebbles, rocks and shrubs. As a result, you?ll save on all kinds of maintenance costs during the year, such as watering and sodding. And with less grass to cut every week, you?ll have a good amount of free time to work on those backyard landscaping projects.

Use Gravel For A Low-Maintenance Pathway

Our Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts say that a gravel pathway is a super budget-friendly front yard idea, especially if you have some high-traffic areas with very little vegetation. Now according to DIY or Not, the average cost of a 100-foot-long gravel path is roughly $650, though the DIY route will cost you nearly half that amount. Furthermore, you will need to break out the shovels for this one, but the end result will be completely worth it.

Plant A Young Tree in Your Front Yard

Our Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts say a lone tree is a ideal focal point for a small front yard. If you purchase a sapling instead of an older tree, you can right away save anywhere from $100 to $2,000. Furthermore, once it?s fully grown it will give your home some much needed shade ? potentially even enough to lower your heating and cooling costs by an average of 30 percent.

Take some time to think about these front yard landscaping ideas prior to bringing out the wheelbarrow. Once you know which direction you want to take your landscaping, you?ll be well on your way to creating a gorgeous front yard on a small budget.

Great Front Yard Landscaping Tips To Easily Add Instant Curb Appeal

Landscaping Ideas Portland Modern Steel Fencing Company

The front yard is generally the first thing that individuals notice when they visit a home, and its appearance sets the tone for the rest of the house. While backyards are often given more attention, using some of the following front yard landscaping ideas will help you create a usable and enjoyable space.

Our Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts say the front yard?s curb appeal can be a drastic factor in your home?s resale value so improving the landscaping not only makes your home look more attractive, but it?s also a solid investment. Our Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts recommend you keep the design seamless and focus on a few simple solutions to add character and structure to the space.

Here are some front yard landscaping tips for helping improve curb appeal and making your front yard look more attractive.

Create A Lush Green Lawn

Our Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts say a lush green lawn is quintessential to a front yard that looks fresh and polished. However, some areas of the country get little rain or may have water restrictions during certain times of the year so watering a lawn to keep it green might not be an option.

If you are thinking about starting a new lawn or sprucing up your front yard by spreading new seed, decide on a grass that is suitable to your local climate. If you live in an area of low rainfall, select a drought-resistant variety such as Zoysia, Bermuda or Buffalo grass.

Add A Rock Garden

A rock garden is a beautiful addition to a front lawn, particularly in dry regions where many plants may struggle. Choose rocks that look as if they are part of a natural, rocky landscape and will go well with the vegetation.

As an example, if creating a woodland rock garden, our Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts suggest you use mossy rocks and boulders of gray in multiple sizes along with low-growing wildflowers, such as ferns and trilliums. In addition, multi-level rock gardens are worth the while, as they draw the eye up from the ground and add visual appeal.

Get A Bit Creative With Paving

Distinct hardscaping is one of a few essential front yard landscaping ideas to think about adding. Furthermore, try and add a visual element to your outdoor space by adding a rock or concrete path. Our Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts say large slates or irregularly shaped stones can aid in creating a natural looking path from the sidewalk to your front door, and will add unique functionality to your yard.

When planning paths, our Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts suggest you think about how individuals naturally move through the space and design your paths to follow the foot traffic.

Add A Water Feature

A water feature adds visual interest to a front yard and creates a calm inviting atmosphere. The soft sound of?flowing water?will also provide a peaceful ambiance to the landscape. Some water features, such as a small pond may also attract local frogs, dragonflies or hummingbirds into your yard. Before stocking the pool with fish, however, research which species are most suitable for the size of the pond you are creating.

Add Potted Plants For Color

Our Portland Modern Steel Fence Experts recommend you plant a few brightly colored flowers and shrubs in big glazed colored pots to add a splash of color to your front yard.

Not only are they less labor-intensive than tending to your in-ground plants, they can also aid in brightening up the darker corners of your yard by providing a colorful visual composition. Moreover, the pots also prevent invasive plants, such as mint or ivy, from taking over your flowers and plants.

Use Raised Beds

Rows of raised beds are an easy way to add a personal touch to your front yard. You can create raised beds from all kinds of materials, from wood to garden timbers.?Raised beds?also provide a great opportunity to grow plants that are not suited to your yard?s soil type since you can fill them with whatever kind of soil you need.

For example, flowering plants that need acidic soil, such as begonia or trillium, are often successfully grown in raised beds, even if the surrounding ground has a high concentration of lime, which isn?t conducive for growing these types of plants.?