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Our Mission

At ColorMAX North America our mission is to bring high quality, long lasting, easy to maintain fence options to the U.S. market. The current options (wood, vinyl, chainlink) do not hold up against harsh weather conditions and cost home and business owners thousands of dollars in maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

ColorMax summer 2020 ...

Some one got a New ColorMax fence today ! Check it out ! ...

Out with old and in with the New .ColorMax does it again . You might have mixed views about our fences but that’s ok. But you won’t till you know how long our fences last for .It’s just Money that’s wisely spent and remember it’s only a fence right ! ...

That Back ally way transformation to a product that lasts ! Installed by @fortifiedcontractors excellent job Crew !! ...

Horizontal Slat panels are In . Modern sleek and long lasting ! ...

Had few panels out today for a photo shoot ! ...

Under current Oregon law, if you are 21 years of age or older, you are allowed to grow up to four plants per household, but they must be kept out of public view and what better to use a fence that fits that criteria ColorMax steel Privacy fencing #1 choice ! ...

Jasper steeped. With added option night ! ...

What ever your needs may be complement it with a cool looking steel privacy fence from ColorMax. Check that urinal out 👌🏽 ...

Color -Jasper. Another well executed Job done by our crews . ColorMax fencing is no trending and guess what it’s great investment in the long run! Spend Smarter make sure our fence your first choice ! ...

Here we have a great example of our Jasper Color installed by @drew_u_2 excellent job Drew well done 👍🏼 ...

There is Nothing wrong with expressing how you want you fence to look like or how it stands out like no other ! And sometimes change is a good thing 🙌🏽 #fence #usa ...

ColorMax made its mark out there In the Lone star State ! Installed by [email protected]
Steel privacy Fencing is the only way to go . Email us for quote now ! We ship nation wide !

ColorMax made its way down to Albuquerque NM . Installed by Scott’s fencing .Their client chose Jasper for there fence color which blended in nicely . Nice job Guys well done ! ...

Blending in the new with the old . ColorMax just fits right in ! #fence ...

Woodland Grey in full effect. With Slat Trellis #fence #portland #oregon ...

Available colors in the USA:

Modern Steel Privacy Fence | Modern Steel Fencing Washington Oregon


Modern Steel Privacy Fence | Modern Steel Fencing Washington Oregon

Woodland Grey

Modern Steel Privacy Fence | Modern Steel Fencing Washington Oregon


Colors Coming Soon:



Modern Steel Privacy Fence | Modern Steel Fencing Washington Oregon



Shale Grey

Wind Spray



Evening Haze



Pale Eucalypt


Cottage Green


Manor Red

Deep Ocean

Iron Stone

Night Sky

Our Product

Modern Steel Privacy Fence | Modern Steel Fencing Washington Oregon

Standard Panels – 8 feet in Width X 6 feet in Height

*We can customize panel width and height per your project

  1. Structural steel core base made ensuring strict adherence to the highest quality, grade and finish of your steel.
  2. The steel base of the panels are coated with Activate™ technology, BlueScope’s industry-leading metallic coating that enhances anti-corrosion performance.
  3. A thin pre-treatment layer is applied to enhance the adhesion of further coatings.
  4. A polyester primer is baked onto the surface.
  5. A topcoat of specially developed exterior grade lead-free paint is baked on for enhanced resistance to chipping, peeling, cracking and to ensure the finish retains its look longer.

What Our Clients Say

Our restaurant was in the market for a modern, long-lasting, privacy fence and ColorMAX delivered. The durable, baked on color steel fencing separated the eyesore neighboring lot and broken down wood and chainlink fence and transformed our parking lot into a private, secure and modern looking space. The product is durable and exceeded all of our expectations. We are confident our ColorMAX fence will last a long time!

- Cully Central, Restaurant, Portland, Or - Lou Sun
John and Linsey with ColorMAX are amazing! Honestly, we couldn’t have found a better company if we tried! But, the true star of this show is the ColorMAX fence itself. The woodland grey color is absolutely beautiful and the cedar posts make the fence feel more rustic. We have gotten so many compliments from guests and people just walking by. We’ve had our fence for over a year and haven’t had to do any maintenance yet. We had river rock put in around the fence and even with stones bouncing off of the fence there isn’t a scratch to be seen. We live on a busy road so it was important to provide privacy and security for our kids. We absolutely love our ColorMAX fence and when we’re ready to our backyard wood fence, we’ll be replacing it with a ColorMAX fence as well!

- Residential Home, Beaverton, Or - Fawn Brown
Our backyard looks like it got a complete face lift after with our new ColorMAX Steel Privacy Fence! We had an old cedar wood fence in our backyard that was warping, cracking and rotting and not to mention, hard to maintain every year with pressure washing and staining! We love the fact that our new ColorMAX fence is so low maintenance and all we have to do is simply rinse it off with water twice a year! We couldn’t be more thrilled that there is finally a modern, long-lasting fence alternative in the USA!

- Residential Home, Happy Valley, Or - Ae Sangasy

Strength & Durability

For a fence to make any sense, it must stand the test of time. ColorMax steel won’t rot. It won’t be eaten by termites. When installed correctly, it won’t have any vertical gaps. It’s also non-combustible and resists the progress of fire. So you can be sure ColorMax steel will enhance the privacy and security of your home for years to come.

Simple & Elegant Design

Modern metal design fence profiles with beautiful color options!

100% Recyclable

ColorMax fences are 100% recyclable. They result in less scraps during the installation process. In addition, as the material is termite proof, you do not need to apply chemicals for treatment so they are better for the environment all around!

Easy to Maintain

We understand you want to choose a fence that is easy to maintain, so you’re free to enjoy your weekends. Fifty years of innovation in ColorMax steel ensures that there’s no need to spend your time painting, staining or replacing. To ensure the maximum life and appearance from your ColorMax steel fence, we recommend you simply hose it down, removing any debris, at least every 6 months. It’s that easy.

Termite Resistant

You can’t get any more termite resistant than an all metal fence. With the inclusion of metal posts and rails, you are guaranteed a fence that will stand the test of time.

Neighbor Friendly

ColorMax fences have the same profile on both sides of the fence and say goodbye to that gap in the fence that the neighbors can see through. When installed correctly, ColorMax steel fencing has smooth surfaces and close-fitting panels without any gaps. This helps keep your home private and secure so you can be more confident your kids and pets are where they should be – within the safe boundary of your fence.

Heat Resistant

Wherever you live, fire resistance and resilience are increasingly
important. Of all the materials tested on different types of fencing in a bushfire testing project conducted by the CSIRO, ColorMax steel performed the best under all exposure conditions, including testing used to simulate the potential effects of an adjacent house fire.

Tested in Australian conditions for over 50 years

Leading scientists have been testing ColorMax by ColorBond Steel for over 50 years in some of the harshest Australian climate conditions. So you have peace of mind knowing ColorMax steel is made to last!